Remediation today is much more than simply removing contaminants. Successful projects require understanding of environmental science, experience in architectural design, construction and expertise in regulatory compliance, which our owner incorporates into every project we undertake. We have established an excellent safety record and periodically review safety and standard operating procedures with our filed personnel. They receive mandatory instruction and refresher courses on an ongoing basis to ensure that the abatement procedures are performed as safety and efficiently as possible, in compliance with applicable regulatory agency protocols.

As a fully licensed hazardous materials remediation contractor, Asheville Global Environmental has worked with a wide variety of clients in city government, colleges, universities, public and private school, hospitals and medical clinics, retail centers, office and residential properties, renovations and remodeling, commercial and industrial facilities. We have also teamed with general contractors when asbestos or lead abatement has been required

At Asheville Global Environmental, our dedication and focus for over 20 years has been on our customers total satisfaction. While our experienced team provides feasible solutions so you get the most protection for the least expense. Call us and begin you your project today.